Rice Lake

Rice lake is a beautiful place with lots of fish to choose from. It was called rice lake because of the wild rice that used to grow there, it is also shaped like a grain of rice so its easy to assume that is why it is named rice lake.

Predatory fish, such as bass, walleye, and muskie are numerous in this lake as well as lots of panfish. You can access Rice lake through the public launch located in Roseneath and Bewdley.

As for ice fishing on this particular lake, it is not allowed. Sorry but that is just how it is. I have heard that the fire departments don't have the resources for ice rescues and that the ministry of whatever doesn't like it.

I have also heard rumors that the ministry might be allowing it in 09/10. That would be nice because of its close proximity to a major city, Toronto. Although ice fishing is currently not allowed hopefully i'll see some of you out there off the ice.

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