Lake of the Woods

Lake of the woods is located in the Canadian provinces of Ontario and Manitoba and mostly in the U.S. state of Minnesota. Lake of the woods is over seventy miles long. It has over 14,552 islands and 65,000 miles (105,000 km) of shoreline. It would be the longest shoreline of any lake in Canada but the lake is not completely in Canada.

There are several communities around the lake of the woods. In Minnesota there is Angle Inlet, Baudette, Hackett, Roseau, Warroad, and Wheeler's Point. In Ontario there is Angle Inlet, Big Grassy, Dog Paw, French Portage Narrows, Kenora, Minaki, Morson, Naongashiing, Naotkamegwanning, Nestor Falls, Obashkaandagaang Bay, Ochiichagwe'Babigo'Ining,  Onigaming, Rainy River, Regina Bay, Sioux Narrows, Wauzhushk Oniguming, and Windigo Island. Manitoba has only two communities near the shores of Lake of the Woods, Middlebro and Buffalo Point.

The main feature of the Lake of the woods is the Aulneau Peninsula. It is connected to the mainland by a strip of land at its southeast corner. Aulneau Peninsula is about twenty five miles long and ten miles wide. It has over eighty lake with in it and the largest of the lakes is called Arrow Lake. The Aulneau Peninsula was named after the Jesuit Father Jean-Pierre Aulneau, he was a French Catholic priest, who was killed on June 6th 1736 at Lake of the Woods.

The local economy of the Lake of the Woods relies heavily on tourism for revenue. There are many places for recreation on and around the lake. Equipment and boats can be supplied by the many resorts and outfitters for those that don't have their own to use.

Many locations of the lake are extremely remote and are difficult to access. Because the lake is so huge, it provides many excellent environments for fish to thrive in. The lake is well known for its walleye population, but lake perch and pike are also abundant. You can also catch bass and muskies in this huge lake.

Ice fishing of this lake is a huge business. It freezes over completely in winter and provides hours, days and months of ice fishing enjoyment for those zany hard water anglers. You can expect to pull walleye, lake perch, pike, musky and bass out of the ice hole.

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